Wallbanger by Alice Clayton


Book: Wallbanger

Author: Alice Clayton

Reviewed by: Onnica

Basic Story: Caroline Reynolds has moved into a kickass, rent-controlled apartment in San Francisco. Life is good – she works too hard but she is fairly happy with her lot in life and her cat Clive. There’s just one problem – she’s lost her ability to climax and is clueless about how to get it back. Cue the arrival of super stud Simon Parker next door. Day and night, his bed (and Caroline’s, since they share an adjoining wall) is banging and Caroline realises with horror just how thin the wall dividing them actually is.

Severely sleep deprived and super horny, she decides to confront her neighbour’s anti-social behaviour and shut him up for good. So begins a journey of friendship, plenty of sexual tension, possessive cats and clueless best friends.

Why you should read it: for a change, our heroine isn’t damaged, she isn’t a shrew, and she doesn’t hate having a good time. She’s easy going and very, very likeable. We probably all know someone a bit like her. The sexual chemistry between her and Simon is electrifying – there aren’t any contrivances to keep them apart and try to build up suspense; their story is an engaging one. The book is the perfect balance between humour, (seriously, some parts with Clive the cat made me laugh out loud) romance and sexy times.

What you might hate: I honestly don’t know what you’d hate about this book – it’s not over the top and it’s hot, hot and did I mention it’s hot?

Rating: 4/5 because it’s just that good. It’s received a lot of hype on Twitter and it’s completely justified. I’m now going to read Alice Clayton’s entire back catalogue – that’s how impressed I am by this book!

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