Fall from Grace by Christine Zolendz

Book: Fall from Grace

Author: Christine Zolendz, editor Frankie Sutton

Series: Mad World

Reviewed by: Onnica

Basic Plot: Grace has returned home to New York following the death of her terminally ill brother Jake. Her best friend Lea is the nearest thing to family she has left and Lea is determined to see her friend happy and living life to the full once again. This may or may not involve a certain Shane Maxton.

Shane is a friend of Lea’s boyfriend and also lead singer with the band Mad World. He’s gorgeous, tattooed and arrogant and is used to females dropping at his feet. However, Grace really isn’t like other girls. She’s seen too much. She has a secret that only Lea knows and she is not going to be tempted by Shane’s sexiness.

She lost her heart long ago and never got it back. Her soulmate is out there somewhere and she’s going to find him. No matter what.

Why you should read this:

The story will absorb you immediately and the dynamic between Grace and Shane is so full of sexual tension. Grace is a strong female character and not a damsel in distress. She has one heck of a put down and doesn’t suffer fools. Her struggle with her feelings for Shane is at times very entertaining. Shane is hot – he’s a musician who sings beautifully – which is always a turn on in my book.

What you might hate:

This is a sexy story but it isn’t sex-filled. So if you’re expecting a love fest on every other page, then you’ll be disappointed. It’s all about delaying the gratification – which at times is EXHAUSTING! Grace doesn’t like Shane, then she does, then she doesn’t – you get where I’m going with this.


I give this book 4/5. I absolutely loved it! As a rule I generally avoid paranormal literature involving angels or demons – I don’t know why but I can only usually suspend my disbelief for vampires. However, I’m glad I gave this book a chance. So much so that I’m about to delve into the sequel Saving Grace.

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