Dirty by Megan Hart

Book: Dirty

Author: Megan Hart

Series: (Spice)

Reviewed by: Onnica

Basic Story: Elle doesn’t do relationships. She doesn’t do love. She keeps herself and her feelings to herself. She also hasn’t been on a date in three years. Preferring uncomplicated anonymous encounters to meaningful relationships, Elle has a well-ordered life – until she meets Dan.

From the beginning Dan challenges Elle’s outlook on life; the way she behaves, the way she treats others, are all called into question. Slowly, he attempts to chip away at her cold demeanour and the walls she has spent years putting up against the world.

Elle makes it clear from the outset that all she can offer Dan is sex. Feelings won’t come into it. But life is never that simple and finally Elle must make a decision whether to remain bound by past betrayals or try to create a future for herself.

Why you should read it:

Megan Hart is well established as an erotic writer. She writes beautifully and can really build suspense. If you’re looking for a fluffy romantic tale of boy meets girl, boy gets/loses girl, then you should probably turn back now. Beyond the sex, is a tale of family betrayal, loss and abuse, making it quite a grown up read.

What you might hate:

Elle is an island – she is secretive to the point that you want to shake her. She knows she’s behaving badly but she can’t seem to help herself. Dan is a saint to put up with her constant withholding – hang in there though, you will be rewarded eventually.

Rating: 3.5/5

This is a story that attempts to portray a real relationship, warts and all, which is quite a refreshing change from the usual froth.

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