Thoughtless by SC Stephens

Book: Thoughtless

Author: SC Stephens

Basic story: Keira and her Aussie bf, Denny, leave sleepy Ohio for Seattle when he lands a dream internship out west.  Moving in with Denny’s former host brother and local rock star, Kellan, the couple quickly adjusts to life in the big city and all seems right in their world until Denny is forced away on a long term assignment in Arizona and Keira is left to fend for herself.  Attending classes and working at Pete’s bar are all she does until Kellan takes her under his wing.  As they grow closer, the limits of their friendship are tested and eventually Keira must choose between the man she thought she would spend the rest of her life with and the rock star she never assumed could touch her heart.

Why You Should Read It: You could cut the sexual tension with a knife! The will they-won’t they aspect of Keira and Kellan’s relationship is without a doubt the driving force behind this book and the build up to their romance is HOT HOT HOT; you never know until the very end who Keira picks and while it is aggravating at times, it is also invigorating to watch her world view become shaped and tempered by Kellan’s enigmatic personality.

What You Might Hate: The book drags a lot and Keira’s constant flip flopping between her love interests is annoying with a capital A: just choose one already and it better be Kellan the hot rock god with abs of steel; there are a lot of extraneous scenes that would have benefited from a good editor (but frankly it wasn’t that annoying since it just meant we get to see more Kellan and his chiseled bone structure); Denny, Keira’s Aussie boyfriend, was just too perfect to be real; we don’t see much scenery beyond Kellan’s house, Pete’s bar where Keira works and Kellan’s band plays, and Keira’s school.

Our rating: 5/5 Keira and Kellan’s romance is hot. No seriously, HOT. It drags in places and can worry you in others, but their road to love is amazing. Get this book!

5 thoughts on “Thoughtless by SC Stephens

  1. The cheating and lying really bothered me — I almost couldn’t get over it to enjoy the book. Effortless is better but again, the lying drove me crazy — you would think that Keira would learn! However, the end of Effortless is worth reading both books! Thumbs up overall (although reluctant)

    1. Totally agree! At one point she sleeps with one guy right after kissing and fondling the other. I found it a bit much. Plus the lack of trust and the constant back and forth (“I love you! No, I hate you! No no, that’s wrong, I love you! Wait, I need to kiss you then push you away then hug you!”) God it got oooooold. But Kellan almost made up for it (except right after their first time together when he was a total douche!)

      1. The sequel is better, I think — especially the ending. It also explains a lot of Kellan’s bs in the first book. Plus, Kellan is even hotter in the second book (I can’t believe it’s possible but it’s true!). I just found out that there will be a third book and I’m super excited! Can’t wait for your review on Effortless (because I’m sure, like me, you will be compelled to read it!)

      2. You are too right–I was compelled to read Effortless even thought it was inordinately long and would have greatly benefited from an editor! I have to say that I thought there was absolutely 0 story in it though but the author wanted to keep writing about these characters so she did. There was no trust, far too much Denny, and not enough Kellan. But I’ll review it next week and the world can be the judge! Ha.

      3. You are so right — why even bother with a second book? And also, why the hell is there going to be a third book? I will read it but it seems like she just can’t stop writing about these characters regardless of whether there is more story to tell. I guess it will be “from the road.” WAY TOO MUCH DENNY! Can’t wait for your review — will save the rest of my thoughts for that post!

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