London Calling by Nana Malone

London CallingBook: London Calling

Series: (Chase Brothers #2)

Author: Nana Malone

Review by: Onnica

Basic story: Xander Chase, professional photographer and supposed womaniser, has one thing on his mind: revenge. Hell-bent on making his nemesis Alistair McMahon pay for his part in ruining his life, Xander is determined to destroy everything he ever held dear. Whether it’s sleeping with his wife to get information, or taking over the stocks of Alistair’s business, he’ll do it. He’s convinced that once he pulls off this coup, he’ll finally be able to lay his past to rest.

Imani Brooks is about to become the toast of the West End. She’s secured a leading role in a play as an escort and after her attempt at a little research goes awry, she ends up meeting the dashing Xander. The attraction is instant but leads to mega-awkwardness for Imani. She can’t feel something this strong for a guy who enlists the services of escorts, can she? She flees after an amazing night, but little can prepare her for coming face-to-face with him at a publicity shoot for the play.

Xander is not letting Imani slip through his fingers. For years, he’s buried his pain in all kinds of vices and felt very little. Suddenly, she has opened him up to the possibility of more. With problems and secrets on both sides along the way, will the pair find a way to create a future?

Why you should read this: Did you read book one London Bound? It was hot and practically perfect in my opinion. In London Calling, the passion is there in spades. The banter is fun, the back stories were well-constructed and kept me reading. We know that Xander and his brother Lexi have had a really tough childhood, but it was good to read events from Xander’s point of view and see that there more to him than a womanising playboy. Imani was great too – proud, protective of herself and really likeable. I rooted for the pair of them. Also, Malone has managed to capture the Brit vernacular really well. The dialogue wasn’t stilted, she used wanker correctly! Which isn’t always the case in some books.

What you might hate: Hmmm – I can’t honestly think what you’d hate about this book. It’s a refreshing, diverse read that worked well for me. Who isn’t a fan of well-written, sexy reads?

Rating: 4/5 for a hot, heart-warming and charming conclusion to the series. I love, love loved it and would recommend Nana Malone to anyone!

Exposed by Tracy Wolff

Book: Exposed

Series: Ethan Frost #3

Author: Tracy Wolff

Review by: Onnica


Basic story: Chloe and Ethan are finally reunited and determined to work on their complicated relationship problems, caused primarily by Ethan’s brother and mother. Ethan is determined to make Chloe his in every possible way and so they head to Las Vegas with Chloe’s best friend in tow to get married.

The media attention is intense but nothing the pair can’t face together. The only spectre overshadowing their happiness is Brandon – Ethan’s brother and Chloe’s tormentor. He’s unrepentant and has his sights set on Congress. A spoilt brat who’s used to mistreating others for his own gratification, Ethan feels he has to do something to prevent his brother gaining even more power.

His thirst for revenge sets in motion a chain of events no-one could have foreseen. By the end of it, will he and Chloe still be unbreakable? Or will Ethan’s unscrupulous family finally drive them apart for good?

Why you should read this: if you enjoyed books 1 and 2 (Ruined and Addicted) then you’ll probably want to read the conclusion (maybe? I hear there may be another book in the mix) to the series. There was a sort of resolution in the previous book, but Exposed goes into  more depth and you get some closure on the whole Brandon storyline. There’s plenty of action and plenty of sexy times to keep the reader hooked.

What you might hate: I always try to be honest, (otherwise what’s the point right?) and this review won’t be an exception. I found large parts of the book highly repetitive. The sex scenes went on and on and the dialogue didn’t change much. There are only so many times a character can utter ‘I love you’ before it completely loses meaning. I grew tired of Ethan worshipping Chloe’s every movement and personality trait – it was way over the top for my liking. The smell of her hair almost bringing him to her knees. Come on. They were also very co-dependent and it just annoyed me at times. The book’s strength for me lay in the plotting to overthrow Brandon and the fallout from that. It was also great to meet Ethan’s best friend Sebastian again. For his story, check out the Play Me series.

Rating: 3/5 not an easy decision, as the characters are good fun. I feel as though I’ve been through every step of the drama with them. There’s a crap ton of angst – so if you love lots of sex and lots of trauma, don’t hesitate!

Exposed is out now.

Yield by Sawyer Bennett

Book: Yield

Series: A Legal Affairs story #3 (Cal & Macy)

Author: Sawyer Bennett

Review by: Onnica


Basic story: Macy’s past is about to blow up in her face – all of her family secrets are threatening to become public and she’s struggling to keep her sanity. Desperate to protect Cal, she pushes him away again and again. Convinced that once he knows what happened in her family, he’ll regret having ever had anything to do with her.

Cal doesn’t understand why Macy is pushing him away but he’s determined to be there for her no matter what. He’s never felt this way for anyone and knows that it goes way beyond physical attraction. With Macy’s father and uncle indicted for fraud, the secrets are about to spill out and if Macy refuses to comply, she’ll be dragged down with them.

Macy must decide whether remaining scared of the past is how she wants to live out her life, or whether she can be brave enough to live life without secrets and with Cal. This will mean putting everything on the line and truly believing she deserves a happy ending…

Why you should read this: Have you been following the series? Then why would you not want to find out what happened next? Grind ended on one hell of a cliffhanger so I figure if you like Macy and Cal, you’ll hang in there for Yield. Macy is a really interesting character – she’s plucky, she maintains an optimistic outlook despite her hellish childhood and she’s likeable. (Which is not something I always demand in my heroines, but it’s welcome all the same.) Cal is a self-confessed knight in shining armour, but Macy wants to rescue him right back! I really enjoying the growing trust and love from these two characters. It felt authentic and I was rooting for them.

What you might hate:  The story was pretty dark at times and you may feel that Macy’s family were unreal in their characterisation. I’m sure there are many families like this, which made it all the more a poignant read. Other than this, there’s not a lot to hate. Macy does distance herself from Cal, but it’s for a very good reason, so I can’t fault her for that.

Rating: 4/5 for a truly satisfying conclusion to the series. Macy and Cal came a very long way from ClashTheir ending made me feel all warm inside.

Yield is out 5th May.

Grind by Sawyer Bennett

Grind Book: Grind Series: A Legal Affairs Story (Cal and Macy #2) Author: Sawyer Bennett Review by: Onnica


Basic story: Cal and Macy have an attraction that just won’t quit. When she comes to him asking for legal help, he’s more than happy to oblige, but he takes his work seriously. While he’s assisting her in her case, they can’t be carrying on together. Macy readily agrees but as far as she’s concerned, the way she feels with Cal is more important than the case.

Cal knows that he’s fooling himself that things with Macy are only physical. Beneath her bravado he can see real pain and a loneliness that makes him want to slay her demons. But will Macy let him?

Macy never thought she’d crave intimacy from anyone. She simply never had it before, so showing vulnerability and affection don’t come easily to her. But things are different with Cal – he’s open-minded, knows when not to push her, but most importantly, he gets her. Could he be the one to help her with her issues? Or will a very public family scandal rip them apart?

Why you should read this: If you read Clash and enjoyed it, I think you’ll want to read this next instalment. It goes into greater depth character-wise and I really feel that I understand what makes this couple tick. The situations and the nature of their relationship is very sexual and titillating, but their vulnerabilities are what kept my interest. I have a feeling I can guess what happened to Macy, but I’m sure there are some surprises ahead. Cal is a very interesting hero – much more open-minded that I thought he’d be. I want more.

What you might hate: I honestly don’t know! You don’t like smut maybe? If so, you picked the wrong book and the wrong blog! I would advise you to maybe read the series when all the books have been released – as there is a cliffhanger at the end of this one. You may love them – I hate them unless I can get my hands off the next book!

Rating: 4/5 for a sexy, naughty and very interesting relationship. Macy was a lot more ‘human’ (if that makes sense) in this story than in Clash, which I’m grateful for.

Grind is out now.

Taken by Charlotte Stein

TakenBook: Taken

Author: Charlotte Stein

Series: Under the Skin

Review by: Onnica


Blurb: It was just a prank I didn’t want to be a part of. I never meant to hurt anyone, least of all Johann Weir. You wouldn’t know that he sells literature for a living. He has these wild eyes—eyes that light something up in me—and he must be twice as big as I am, with strong, warm hands. Hands I try not to imagine everywhere.

He scares me. And thrills me.

But now the deed is done, and I have to face the consequences. He says he just wants to hold me here until the police come, but it’s been hours and I’m still here.

Chained to a pipe in his back room like a prisoner.

The only person I have to talk to is Johann, and I tell him dark, shameful secrets—secrets that involve the metal around my wrist and him standing over me. But I can’t stop. I need him to know everything. I need him.

Johann has his own secrets—ones he wants to tell me too. And more than anything, I want to listen. And maybe, before he sends me away, he’ll punish me.

Just a little.

Just enough.

Why you should read it: because it’s Charlotte Stein and you owe it to yourself! Seriously – I look forward to Ms Stein’s releases so much – the stories are always quirky and Taken is no exception. I enjoyed the narrative style – Rosie was such a fun and interesting character. Twenty-something and trying to figure out who she is. Johann was a super-quirky hero. Easily spooked and kind-hearted. Eager to do the ‘right thing’. His trepidation over pursuing a relationship with Rosie really stoked the heat of the story. It was definitely a slow-burn (which I love) and that gratification is well and truly delayed!

What you might hate: if quirky makes your hackles rise, then maybe the couple’s banter won’t work for you. I found it charming and it really made me smile, but hey. For example, Johann is only seven years older than Rosie, but he seems to think that the age difference will be a huge problem – not sure I followed his logic there, but it was maybe just a weak excuse to keep Rosie at bay. If you like books where the characters get down to it within the first 10% of a book, then again, you’ll be disappointed.

Rating: easy-peasy – a clear 5/5 for me. A short, satisfying, classicly-crazy Charlotte Stein read. This is why she remains one of my all-time favourite purveyors of smut!

Taken is out now.

Clash: A Legal Affairs story (Cal and Macy)


Book: Clash

Series: Legal Affairs (#1 of Cal and Macy’s story)

Author: Sawyer Bennett

Review by: Onnica

Basic story: Cal Carson and Macy Carrington loathe each other. Like, really hate each other. They would stay away from each other if they didn’t share the same best friends. Constantly thrown together, this pair give Beatrice and Benedick a run for their money. Verbal sparring frequently turns nights out with their friends, Mac and Matt, into a battlefield.

Cal thinks that Macy is haughty, entitled, out of touch with reality and a complete slut. Macy hates Cal’s holier-than-thou attitude and could live without his judgment. Her reasons for sleeping with strangers are her own and she won’t be judged by the likes of him.

When told by Matt to just sleep together and get it out of their systems, it seems like a ridiculous idea. Isn’t it? Macy hates Cal’s attitude, but there’s nothing wrong with the package. Cal may hate Macy’s over-privileged background, but that body is another matter. Maybe one time won’t hurt that much…

Why you should read it: I’m a huge fan of Sawyer Bennett – her Legal Affairs story featuring Mac and Matt was so hot, funny and smart, that I just had to read Cal and Macy’s story. This a novella-length story, giving an introduction to these two complicated characters. It’s told mostly from Cal’s point of view and features some journal entries from Macy. Macy is going to be a very interesting character – I want to know what baggage she’s carrying around with her. It’s certain to be a doozy of a tale.

What you might hate: The story starts with a bang – sex is pretty much the only way these two communicate. They’re crude and unapologetic for the way they speak to each other. If you’re easily offended, maybe this one isn’t for you. I found it pretty entertaining – it was a quick, sexy intro to the series and I’m looking forward to reading Grind and Yield in the near-future.

Rating: 3/5 for an interesting start to the series – I’m looking forward to more character development in the rest of the series.

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Release day blitz – Walk Through my Door by Anthony Bryan

Lauren is a newly-single mother carrying the weight of a well-guarded secret while trying desperately to make sense of her new role and being on her own.  Adam is a single father, with a powerful past, now struggling to find his place in the world.  Together, they are the right people falling in love at the wrong time.

‘Walk Through My Door’ is the sexually-charged story of one man who’s willing to give anything for true love, except give up, and one woman fighting to make the right decision between the man who held her heart for so long and the man with whom she’s now deeply fallen for.

Adam and Lauren form an unimaginable bond which leads to a romantic, highly erotic, and heartfelt adventure through the struggles and challenges of life, with both hoping to find nothing more than their one true love at the other end of this beautiful journey.

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Keep your smart-phone (or similar device) at hand as you read. As you come across embedded QR codes, scan the code with your device and instantly hear the song which the author wants you to listen to at that precise moment in the book! EPE and this amazing story come together to give you a reading experience unlike any other!

No billionaires, tattooed bad boys, or beautifully proportioned models….just real people

Anthony’s goal with ‘Walk Through My Door’ is to give you a story you can feel to the very depths of your soul. He tapped into those common traits, hopes, dreams, and insecurities found in all of us to create a pair of leading characters who are real. You’ll see yourself in Lauren as you feel her happiness and her struggles. As for Adam, let’s just say your new book-boyfriend is waiting to meet you!

 About the author:

Born and raised in In the United Kingdom, Anthony Bryan now resides in the United States where he is tenaciously pursuing his writing career.  His hope, more than anything, is that his words can provide you with a temporary escape from reality, and he hopes they take you on a journey you won’t soon forget. His goal is to give you something different, refreshing and unlike anything you’ve ever read.  His writing is designed to target certain emotions and hit them like never before – love, anticipation, thrill, suspense, angst, revenge, lust, and so on.  Each story grabs a different set of feelings and refuses to let go.

At 29 years old, Anthony served with the American military in Afghanistan, and he is a combat veteran as well as an accomplished fighter who is still training in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Muay Thai kickboxing.  He may not seem like your typical erotic-romance writer, and he’s not!

Walk Through My Door is out today. It’s on sale here.