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Addicted Blog Tour BannerBook: ADDICTED (An Ethan Frost Novel #2)

A Loveswept New Adult Romance

Author: Tracy Wolff

On sale: July 15, 2014

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“I’m allowed to be sorry that the woman I love has been through hell, I’m allowed to be fucking furious that my brother is the one who hurt you. And I’m damn sure allowed to want to make things better for you.” – Ethan Frost.


As Chloe Girard discovers, there’s love . . . and then there’s addiction.

Ethan Frost is everything a woman could want in a man. He’s rich, gorgeous, powerful, one of the most eligible bachelors in the world.

But that’s not why I’m with him.

I love Ethan for all the things no one else gets to see: his innate kindness, his reckless spontaneity, his unwavering determination to use his brilliance for good. I love the way he looks at me, the way he touches me. The way he makes me forget the wreckage of my past and the twisted fear that still lives inside me.

But sometimes it terrifies me how much I crave him, how much I need him just to breathe. I always thought it would be my past that ruined us, but there’s a darkness in Ethan I never dreamed existed. Can we survive as his secrets surface—threatening to unravel us both?

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I have been waiting to see what happened between Chloe and Ethan for months. If you’ve read Ruined, you’ll know that it ended on one hell of a cliffhanger and making us wait for months was just plain mean! Chloe and Ethan have an awful lot of baggage to work through and even though they love each other so completely, will that be enough to overcome the odds stacked against them?

Why you should read it: Addicted gives the reader the chance to get to know both Ethan and Chloe a lot better. I’ll be honest, I was not a huge fan of Chloe’s in Ruined, but in this conclusion to the story, she’s stronger, more open and she really comes into her own as a heroine. She is no longer in awe of the powerful Ethan Frost – he’s human, he’s vulnerable and he has a habit of keeping secrets from Chloe. The way she faces up to her problems, when before she would have just run away, really shows how she’s grown during their time together. I found I had a lot more patience with her this time around.

Ethan is the ultimate hero – he’s a philanthropist, he’s kind, patient and would do anything for Chloe. All you could want in a hero and buckets more. He’s tested in this book as his family is responsible for a lot of the past traumas Chloe has suffered. He’s determined to make it right, but doesn’t always go about it the right way!

What you might hate: I enjoyed this story more than Ruined, but you may be left exasperated by the back and forth between the couple. This is natural and I like that the characters even made reference to how much they keep breaking up and making up! The sex is off the charts hot in this book – normally I dislike that amount if I feel that it gets in the way of the story. I don’t feel that this was the case here, but some plot lines were left hanging and I felt like the author ran out of time to tie up loose ends. What happened to Brandon? Did Chloe continue with law school? It was a bit rushed in the end, which was a pity.

Rating: 3.5/5 for a satisfyingly hot conclusion and a pair of troubled yet loveable characters. And also kudos to Tracy for ending the series after two books and not feeling that pressure to trilogise! (Is that a word? It is now.)


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New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Tracy Wolff lives inTracy_Wolff Texas and teaches writing at her local community college. She is married and the mother of three young sons.

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The Second Time I Saw You by Pippa Croft

pippa-croft-series-2-002Book: The Second Time I Saw You

Series: The Oxford Blue series #2

Author: Pippa Croft

Review by: Onnica

Basic Story: Lauren is back in Oxford after the Christmas break and determined to put all the drama and anguish caused by Alexander behind her. She needs to buckle down and do the work on her Masters and she’s not deviating from her ambitions. That’s the plan anyway, until Alexander appears on her doorstep, distressed by family issues and with no-one else to turn to. What can she do? She can’t dismiss him into the night, can she?

The pair continue their turbulent and passionate relationship, under the glare of Rupert, Alexander’s delicious, pantomime villain of a cousin and of course Valentina, a woman scorned, who has no intention of letting Alexander get away from her again. With so many forces at work against them, can Lauren ever expect to be a part of Alexander’s world? Does she want to be?

Why you should read this: Book two continues seamlessly from the end of The First Time we Met, and poor old Lauren doesn’t know whether she’s coming or going. I feel her pain – she’s trying to knuckle down to her studies, but the stress of an on-again-off-again relationship with Alexander is taking its toll. No sooner has she formed a plan of action, Alexander pops back into a life with reasons she can’t refuse him. The heat is twice as hot between the pair and there’s a nice bit of intrigue bubbling in the background too. It’s not just a bonk fest, which I’m relieved about. The added pressure of other people wanting them apart added to the drama, which I thoroughly enjoyed.

What you might hate: It’s all so posh! The surprise visits to Rome for dinner etc. If that’s not your bag, then you may dislike the immense displays of wealth – but you should already know that we’re not dealing with mere mortals here! These are the monied, upper echelons of society. Aside from that, you have some real baddies in this story – which heightened it for me. It was so Colby’s or Dynasty, (or if you’re in the UK – so Made in Chelsea) brought bang up-to-date. I love it and I can’t wait to see love triumph in their faces!

Rating: 4/5 – I’m thoroughly enjoying the ride and think this series has the potential to be super-popular this year!

The Second Time I Saw You is out in October (in the US) and is currently out now in the UK.

Release day review: Rusty Nailed by Alice Clayton

I don’t know about you but I think we’ve all been pretty damned patient waiting for our next fix of Wallbanger goodness! Well, the wait is finally over and I was so happy to receive a copy of Rusty Nailed in order to share it with you. Wallbanger was so much fun: Simon the sex-god who always ‘stood to attention’ (if you take my meaning) and Caroline, such a fun character – someone you’d definitely want to be friends with. And Clive – how could you fail to love a cat with such attitude?

Here’s a quick review – enjoy.


Book: Rusty Nailed

Series: The Cocktail series #2

Author: Alice Clayton

Format: Uncorrected arc

Review by: Onnica


Basic story: Caroline and Simon have been together for a whole, perfect, sex-filled year. They maintain their separate residences, although Simon can mostly be found with Caroline and Clive. When Caroline’s boss gets married and decides to take an extended break for her honeymoon, Caroline has to rise to the occasion and take on the running of the company. Scared and overwhelmed? You bet! But it’s the chance of a lifetime and she’s determined to make it work. With Simon gone a lot of the time on work assignments it won’t make much difference, will it?

Except, Simon has been getting ‘that look’ lately and is accepting less and less work. Throw in an invitation to his class reunion and he’s forced to face some issues in his past that he’d successfully buried. With Simon home more, the pair are getting to know each other better and Caroline feels that she should be rejoicing. That’s what any sane woman would do who had the Wallbanger all to herself, right? Then why isn’t she happy? With the demands of adulthood bearing down on her, Caroline must decide what she wants out of life and whether she can have it all and still stay sane.

Why you should read this: Hellooooo, it’s Alice Clayton – of course you have to read it! I don’t know anyone out there who didn’t like Wallbanger, so I’m thinking if you want more Caroline, more Simon (seriously – swoon) and of course more Clive, then it’s a no-brainer. The couple are SERIOUSLY hot for each other. They never stop – and that’s cool, because the scenes are always delivered with humour and style. I still love Caroline for her self-confidence and her non-shrewish behaviour. We really got a better look at these two characters, we find out more about Simon – who he was and why he was the way he was. He’s not just the hunky, cocky next door neighbour, he’s also a devastatingly sweet boyfriend and human being. (Okay, okay I’m going overboard, but I’m in love with a fictional character – like you haven’t been there?!)

What you might hate: You won’t! But to play devil’s advocate for a moment, Caroline goes through some stuff that she needs to work through – you may find her perhaps a little bit exasperating – but it’ll all be fine! Don’t panic! Some readers weren’t taken with Clive

Rating: 4/5 for a sexy, satisfying read and a very welcome return to two beloved characters. Makes me want to find my copy of Wallbanger and delve in all over again…

Rusty Nailed is out today! (24 June)

In Your Corner by Sarah Castille

in your cornerBook: In Your Corner

Series: (Redemption, #2)

Author: Sarah Castille

Format: Kindle ARC

Review by: Onnica


 Basic story: Amanda’s life is heading downhill fast. She’s the unwanted object of affection of her boss at law firm Farnsworth & Tilman and he’s not prepared to back down to get what he wants. Despite working her ass off to make partner, he has a file as thick as the phone book on her extracurricular activities. The choice is simple: play nicely with him or face all her seedy secrets coming to light, and kissing the partnership goodbye. When she opts for the latter option and dealing with her parents’ disappointment (read rage) and unemployment, she’s ready to give up and stay under the covers. Indefinitely.

To make things worse, she runs into old flame Jake Donovan, former-MMA fighter, who doesn’t seem at all happy to see her. When he rescues her from a late-night attack, she remembers why she had to cut him loose the first time. He wants everything from her and Amanda’s convinced she won’t be enough. Having grown up without love and security, she’s unable to provide that for Jake.

Jake is having problems of his own. His father wants him to take over the business, when really all he wants to do is go back into fighting. He’s stunned to come face-to-face with Amanda, the woman who abruptly broke up with him two years earlier. He can’t deny his attraction to her, but he doesn’t want to end up hurt again.

When her friends and Jake finally intervene in Amanda’s pity party, she finally re-discovers her fighting spirit. She’s always done pro-bono work as part of her legal work and so she decides to go into business. Surrounded by people who care about her, will Amanda finally learn to ask for help?

Why you should read this: If you read and liked Against The Ropes, then you’ll really enjoy re-visiting some familiar characters and the environment of Redemption fighting club. This is Amanda and Jake’s story, who were minor characters in Book one. Jake is manly, an alpha and a lover – there’s not much to dislike about him. It’s a very sexy read, so hold on to your hats!

What you might hate: Amanda. Where to start? I didn’t hate her – she’s actually quite likeable, aside from her constant internal monologue and her ability to make really stupid decisions and not be very good at reading people. Despite being a hotshot lawyer – she’s incapable of seeing how much Jake wants to reconnect! I would advise you to read this book in a good mood, otherwise you may not have the patience to deal with Amanda. Remember that episode of Friends where Monica berates Rachel for flip-flopping between ‘I love Ross, I hate Ross!’ Believe me, this book is the epitome of that. So much drama! Having said all that, it did make me smile and I liked it more than I disliked it.

Rating: a generous 3/5 – for over-the-top alphas and strong but imperfect females.

 In Your Corner is out on 1st July

The First Time We Met by Pippa Croft

The First TimeBook: The First Time We Met

Author: Pippa Croft

Series: Oxford Blue #1

Format: Kindle ARC

Review by: Onnica


Basic story: Lauren Cusack has begged, pleaded and finally convinced her parents to accept her decision to leave Washington DC to pursue a Masters at Oxford University. Largely pleased with her decision to move so far away, she is determined to commit to her studies and get over her ex-boyfriend. If only it would stop raining! Suffering from severe culture shock, Lauren is thrust into a world of privilege and decadence. A congressman’s daughter, she’s no slouch and can certainly hold her own, but running in the same circles as the landed gentry, haughty students and having to face overt anti-American hostility, Lauren feels a little out of her depth. Luckily she has a friend in Imogen, who lives in her building, who sees her through the term.

Lauren is trying to find her feet, when she is introduced to Alexander Hunt. Fellow student at her college, and all set to become a Lord someday, Lauren is knocked off her feet when she meets him. He’s arrogant, self-assured and enjoys the thrill of the chase.

Having split from his girlfriend of two years, Alexander is busy with studying, his duties in the army and fighting with his father, who believes he should pay more attention to the estate. Lauren brings a rare opportunity for fun and she refuses to be seduced by his title and money. Things are going great until Lauren actually meets Valentina, his former flame and she begins to question whether she really knows Alexander at all.

Why you should read this: I was really interested in the premise of the book. Inevitably, it will draw comparisons to Fifty Shades, but it isn’t like FSoG at all. Lauren is a strong-willed and likeable heroine. The all-American sweetheart is thrust into a world full of stuck up snobs. Alexander – once you get a feel for his character has vulnerabilities that I’m looking forward to reading about and hopefully we’ll get to know the characters quite well throughout the trilogy.

What you might hate: I’ll confess, it took me a while to get into the story. The start was slow and I felt like I couldn’t connect with these frankly horrible snobs! I have friends who studied at Oxford and I’ll have to ask them whether they know people this horrendous! It took a while, but soon after the book hit its stride and I really began to enjoy the scenes. There’s plenty of sex but it doesn’t go on for pages and pages. There is actually a story underneath.

Rating: 4/5 for a strong start to the series. I’m halfway through book two, The Second Time we Met, and look forward to reviewing that one too.

The Oxford Blue series will be out in October in the US, but is already available in the UK.

Heat by Jamie K. Schmidt

heatBook: Heat

Author: Jamie Schmidt

Series: Club Inferno #1

Review by: Onnica

Basic story: Mallory Bryant is on the run from her drug-addicted fiancé David. To the outside world, they are the perfect couple and Mallory is having trouble admitting the truth to her mother and colleagues. Desperate not to be found, she heads to her sister Colleen’s home. They are polar opposites but Mallory knows that her sister will help.

Colleen has built an empire for herself and runs a respectable business called Couture. Beneath the facade, lies a hedonistic paradise, where the rich and well-connected play. Mallory is about to be introduced to a whole new world. She’s assigned a body guard and dom, named Max Spencer. Talk, dark, handsome and friendly, Max offers to show Mallory around and help confront her issues with David.

At first, Max intends only to show Mallory the way the club works – what it means to be a dom, but soon their mutual attraction intensifies and the lines between duty and lust begin to blur. When Mallory’s past comes back into her present, the pair face several challenges and Mallory will have to finally decide what she really wants.

Why you should read this: I’d never read anything by Jamie K. Schmidt before and she certainly knows how to create a rich world. I felt as though I’d been inside Club Inferno and knew it intimately – it was so vivid. Mallory, despite being on the run and unwilling to face up to her situation, was a likeable character – she had a sense of fun, despite being a wee bit judgmental! Her drunken banter with Max was one of my favourite scenes in the book, and seeing her grow closer to her estranged sister was also a delight.

What you might hate: I felt that the storyline between Mallory and her ex could have done with a bit more development – it wrapped up a bit too neatly and was also an afterthought. I was expecting an explosion, but it was more of a damp squib. Was the ending a bit rushed and sugary? For me, a little bit. The book started strongly, but dwindled a little towards the end. It was a bit disappointing but a satisfying conclusion all the same.

Rating: a solid 3/5 for a story dealing with facing your demons head on and having the courage to go on.

Heat is out today.